Brewers Outlet


We take great pride in our huge selection of domestic, imported & craft beer and strive to offer the best selection in the area at the best possible price.

Brewers Outlet

Kegs & Sixtels

Half Kegs (Equivalent of 7 cases per keg)

Quarter Kegs (Equivalent of 3 1/2 cases per keg)

Sixtels (Equivalent of 2 1/4 cases per keg)

Available In Stock & Upon Order
We carry a wide variety of Half Kegs, Quarter Kegs & Sixtels in stock! If we don’t carry it we can order it for you. Call for availability about a week prior to pick-up

Brewers Outlet

Gluten Free & Ciders

we have a good selection of Gluten Free and Gluten Removed beers. We also have an large selection of ciders